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Birthday May 14th, 1993

Drake Parker (brother)

Josh Nichols (stepbrother)

Audrey Parker (mother)

Walter Nichols (stepfather)

Catherine Nichols (step-great aunt)

Grammy Nichols (step-grandmother)

Papa Nichols (step-greatgrandfather)


1-8 (all episodes)

Megan Janine Parker (born May 14th, 1993) played by Miranda Cosgrove is the little sister of Drake Parker and Josh Nichols. Though she may seem to be a normal kid, she always plays vicious pranks on Drake and Josh (with quite entertaining results).

She also taunts them with insulting names such as "boobs"or even sometimes forcing them to do disgusting stuff. She once convinced Drake that he has a disease that has to be cured with lizard urine. Drake believed her and did carry out the procedure only to be told later that it had been one of Megan's pranks. Miranda actually enjoyed getting to do those pranks to Drake and Josh and lie to Audrey and Walter.

She appears to have a large array of high-tech gadgets. Because of her antagonistic nature towards Drake and Josh, she is the primary antagonist of the series. The brothers always know what she's up to, but sometimes they realize it's too late. The fact that she is quite young for someone of her level of cunning intelligence makes it nearly impossible for Drake and Josh to convince anyone about her pranks, which is a major running gag in the series.

She seems to have "sadistic personality disorder," as she says she likes to see Drake and Josh being tortured. Although she almost never admits it, she loves her brothers deep down. However, she can always blame them if anything wrong or bad happens to her. From the second season onwards, she calls her step-father by his first name "Walter," which is followed by Mr. Nichols by asking, "When did she start calling me that?" which then leads to someone interrupting him. In quite rare cases, Drake and Josh have the upper hand against Megan, which always backfires.