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Birthday October 10, 1989

Drake Parker (stepbrother)

Megan Parker (stepsister)

Audrey Parker (stepmother)

Walter Nichols (father)

Catherine Nichols (great aunt)

Grammy Nichols (grandmother)

Papa Nichols (great grandfather)


1-8 (all episodes)

Josh Nichols is the main deuteragonist and a super-smart kid who's not exactly a risk taker. To say Josh lives life by obeying all the rules would definitely be an understatement. But since he's the total anti-troublemaker, adults think Josh is the greatest thing since the triple latte.In the later seasons, Josh becomes more confident and his goofiness was diminished. He also began to lose significant amounts of weight. He was able to have ex-rival Mindy Crenshaw as his girlfriend and was shown dating. He often makes sarcastic remarks to his brother Drake Parker whenever he says something nonsensical. Josh is portrayed by Josh Peck as a teenager and Matthew Gumley as an eight-year-old. His idol is Oprah Winfrey and he aslo watch her show.